Apache Kafka Masterclass

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Programme Overview

Do you want superpowers? Analysing and reasoning about data in large companies in real-time is one of these! Apache Kafka is not only about moving data between services but about building a backbone for your data infrastructure.
With such a backbone you know what happens in your company NOW.
In this one-hour workshop not only will you learn how Apache Kafka can help you to achieve this but we will also explore, based on a fictitious charging station provider, how Apache Kafka can integrate with existing systems to support you building innovative products for our future.
Get ready for the wonderful world of real-time data!


Free event - it@ cork Skillnet in association with Guruteam Ireland

About the Presenter – Anatoly Zelenin

Anatoly Zelenin teaches IT with passion, expertise and a slightly different approach. As an experienced IT consultant and trainer, he naturally brings with him the certificates, but above all the passion to take companies to the next level. He is also an accomplished mentor for teaching IT, exuding enthusiasm and knowledge during his Apache Kafka training sessions. With joy instead of slides. And a vision in which people and IT steer our planet to a better future. A vision that you can actively participate in with Mr Zelenin.

Target Audience

IT experts (Developers, Architects, Operators) and their team leads.
No prior experience with Kafka is needed. Some experience with modern IT architectures is nice to have.