Cyber Security Awareness Seminar

With security breaches making the headlines every day, organisations have started taking cyber security more seriously. Hackers, till today, bank on every victim’s weakest link: the company employees themselves. Although some large scale Cyber-attacks have been possible by the help of rogue internal employees, this is still a very small possibility. Unfortunately, most cyber-attacks happen due to the employee’s lack of awareness in cyber-attack prevention. This webinar is suitable for any staff member, especially staff members with a company email on their name.

Join us for this free educational event, where our Cyber Security experts share knowledge and tips on how to avoid your company becoming the next Cyber victim! This session will be delivered by Keith Fitzpatrick, Head of Training & Operations and Francesco Mifsud, Technical Managing Consultant from Cybergate International.

Registration: This free Cyber Security Awareness webinar is open to all.

Cybergate International Promotion

We are excited to announce a special promotion for this webinar from Cybergate International. For a limited time, Cybergate International are offering 5 free seats for their Online Cyber Security Awareness Training Programme to those who attend this webinar. (5 seats per Registered Company)

This online training will cover the A to Z of current Cyber Treats and how to protect your Company and financial information online, how you and all your staff can identify and avoid Cyber attacks and scams, and how to keep your devices secure.

This is a valuable opportunity for organizations and individuals to learn how to safeguard themselves and their assets against daily cyber threats. The commercial value of this offer is €500 per Company (which you would receive for €0). If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, please book a seat for this event. Please scan this QR Code for details all the content of the offered online Training Programme.